Born From Filth (split)

by Shattered Horizons



Split release with Welsh band The Dweller, includes 2 full brand new tracks!


released December 24, 2014

Shattered Horizons would like to say a special thank you to Steven Jones of From Sorrow To Serenity for recording/mixing and mastering our tracks, Robert Mallinson for the amazing artwork and The Dweller for being such great guys and taking part in this release.

Also thank you to all of our fans, friends and family for your continued support, it truly means the world to us!



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Track Name: Shattered Horizons - Televised Slaughter (ft. Mac Mills of Mechromorph)
I will watch you fucking bleed, I will spit upon your grave, I won't do what the fuck you say, I am not your fucking slave.

Not your slave.

You think you can tell me what to do? I'll slash your fucking throat, I'll slice your face from ear to ear and watch you bleed out on the ground.

Bleed out. On the ground.
Track Name: Shattered Horizons - Hollow
Waiting I sit a danger to myself, my mind doesn't help.
Please release me from this hollow.

Sitting alone within these empty walls, this place I call home, it's so empty and hollow your presence is what I desire, the touch of your skin is all I crave.

Please release me, from this prison cell.
I am an empty shell.

You're what I need and all I crave, something to believe in.
Searching for hope. A picture, a smile.
The light at the end of the dark road.