Shattered Horizons

by Shattered Horizons



released December 24, 2015

Shattered Horizons would like to say a special thank you to Steven Jones for his guest guitar solo, recording/ mixing and mastering the full EP, Dickie Allen and Dominic D.D for guest vocal appearances. We would also like to thank Robert Mallinson for the artwork and finally our fans, friends and family for your continued support!

Lyrics/ Vocals - Calum Forrest
Guitars - Stewart Duffy, Daniel Guy
Bass - Lac Aldridge
Drums - Craig O'hare



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Track Name: Dissipation
Watch as you dissipate.
Track Name: Deceiving The Innocent (Feat. Steven Jones of From Sorrow To Serenity)
You walked away and left me fending for myself, the man you call yourself you're nothing more than filth.
Can you smell the shit that comes out of your mouth?
You left me here to rot and die alone.

Your drowning in sadness.
A curse
That never ends.
You're shrouded by darkness
A worthless, mess.

Blood rains down from the sky beating upon my chest.
Death Reigns.

Dad, you walked away and left me fending for myself.
Track Name: Suppressing The Oppressor (Feat. Dickie Allen)
Tightening my grip around your throat I watch as light leaves you.
I'd love nothing more than to watch you choke, to break you.

Watch you crumble at my knees, you waste of space, you mean nothing to me.

Watching you writhe in pain
An inch from death your breath begins to slow.
Watching you writhe in pain, an inch from death your breath begins to slow, this is the end of you.
Track Name: Outlander (Feat. Dominic D.D. of Depths Of Hatred)
Surrounded, negativity it overwhelms you.
Torments you, driven to insanity.

The person I once knew, is nothing but a stranger.
Nothing but a memory.
Nothing but a stranger.

I can see it, Can't you feel it?
I've witnessed your steady decline in to nothingness.

An empty vessel of your former self.
Broken beyond repair

It's time to stop and save yourself before you lose everything.